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MyTendWell Daily Journal 2017…join me on MyTendWell journey.

MyTendWell Daily Journal 2017
Introduction to daily journal:
Well another year has gone by and I haven’t completed “Sautéing Off The Pounds.” I’m waking up on January 1st 2017 at the same place I was 365 day ago, except two pounds heavier. December was tough. Had bronchitis and laid around the house for almost three weeks just trying to feel better…which means stuffing my face and not doing any movement except flipping channels. New Years is a classic time to reboot, but it is also famous for false starts and broken promises. Well, I’m going to make it happen this year and track it daily until I show I can walk the walk and talk the talk. I’m going to take many more steps forward and fewer back!!!!  So here we go! It might be a bumpy ride, but it is my ride and this is the year I’m not going to fall off the bike…..
January 1st through 5th Spent time with my best friend Chris and reconnected with him and myself. Stopped my most negative behaviors and focused inward. No booze after the 31st. This made the time with Chris better and allowed me to enjoy the short time with him to the fullest. Ate our favorite foods and watched great movies. Read a lot of books, most of which were focused on making the most of ones self. It was great to read how others have dealt with challenges and it taught me I am not alone.  January 5th drove to Mom’s to settle into work mode and finish this thing.
 photo8   photo6
Back home again… do, do, do lookin out my (Mom’s) backdoor and holiday memories.
Date: 1/6/17
Spiritual –long hot bath  with bubbles and candles….
Occupational – met with Kelly and we started to set out plans for 2017. It is going to be a great year.
Physical- Took an afternoon walk around the lake
Intellectual- Read a chapter each in my two books. Drinking- a love affair and Razor Blade. Took photos on my walk and edited them.
Emotional- Shared my eating and drinking issues with mom and we chatted about these and other issues
Environmental- Brought in wood and started a fire. Broke fallen sticks for kindling. Turned down electrical heat.
Social- Shared lunch with Dr. K and ML. Spent the evening by the fire reading with ML. Also read about medicinal herbs.
Breakfast- peach, ginger, turmeric and Meyer lemon blender drink
Snack- almonds and string cheese
Lunch- Hot smoked salmon, broccoli sprouts, cucumbers, wine-cured anchovies, avocado, cherry tomatoes and black berries with Dijon vinaigrette and rye crisps
Spicy lentil “humus” with cucumber and celery
Dinner-3 pea and chicken thigh stew with kale, Brazilian kale salad and Clementine
Snack-80% dark chocolate bites
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 Lunch and Dinner
Daily Blog Post for MyTendWell – January 6, 2017
Today was a resetting of the buttons. 2017 is going to be the year that I truly become an adult. I’m realizing that some of my behaviors were developed when I was very young and they worked then, but not now. I’ve gotta man up for myself and become who I always wanted to be, not remain stuck in the mud of the past; spinning my wheels and throwing dirt in every direction but acting like I’m the only one not getting dirty….
Using the 8 paths to total wellness I am going to hold a mirror up to my life and look deeply into what I do and ask myself why I repeat behaviors that keep me from joy and why I resist the work that will bring me  the real reward of inner peace.
Today started with a long Jacuzzi bath with lots of bubbles, oils and aroma therapy. I love having the time to luxuriate at “Spa Harrison,” the home that I was raised in and that remains one of my “happy places.” Had a blender drink of frozen peaches, ginger, turmeric, Meyer lemon, olive oil, water and ice cubes. Delish. It was great to catch up with Dr. K. We are going to have a great time putting the finishing touches on our book. I’m ready for the “before pictures” but she’s gonna kick my ass and make sure that I’m proud of the “after” pics too! We got ML (my 83 year old firecracker of a mother) wrapped up and took her on a walk around the lake. It was breezy as hell and the wind on the dam cut like a knife. Was glad to get that done. I made a nice lunch for us. Kind of a Nicoise Salad but with smoked salmon, broccoli sprouts, cucumbers, wine-cured anchovies, avocado, cherry tomatoes, blackberries and Dijon dressing. In the afternoon I gathered fallen branches from around the yard and broke them for kindling and laid a fire. Had a spicy lentil spread with celery hearts for an afternoon snack.  For dinner it was a slow-braised 3 pea stew with chicken thighs and kale. Sat reading by the fire with mom and had a couple of squares of dark chocolate  (80% bitter.) Read a couple of chapters in the two books I have going. Finished the evening in bed reading about medicinal herbs and flowers.
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Working on mytendwell intellectual wellness: New Reads for the New Year…and healthful foods too!  Join me on mytendwell journey.

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