My Tend Well

Corporate Get-Aways

All work and no play… Well, you know the rest. Research has demonstrated stress is a common problem experienced by too many and importantly contributes to the development of certain diseases such as cardiovascular and some cancers. So spend some time at play with your co-worker and book a Corporate Get-Away with Chef D and Dr. K at The Kolb Homestead. You will get postural assessments and exercise programs developed just for you by Dr. K. Chef D will teach you how to prepare great, simple meals for busy people on-the-go. He has great meal plans that leave you lunch-leftovers for the next day.

ball exercise   Asian Spice Roasted Porkloin, Sesame Stirfry, Brown Rice  Wholewheat and Flaxseed Breakfast Hand rolls

Dr. K teaches On-the-Job moves to add to your MyTendWell Toolbox; Chef D prepares Asian Spice Roasted Pork with Rice and Wholewheat and Flaxseed Breakfast rolls. Contact them at MyTendWell to schedule your Corporate Get-Away, they’ll teach you how to bring a wellnesss-minded lifestyle to your workplace.