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Still on a roll

Date: Saturday, January 7, 2017
Spiritual: Spread good will by delivering holiday gifts to Columbus family and friends. Lots of hugs and kisses. Watched OA on Netflix
Occupational: Met with Dave Porter and looked at some videos and talked about new equipment for shooting future YouTube Stuff
·         Cardo-20 minutes on stationary bike and stretching
·         Strength Training- Did not do……
Intellectual- ready newspaper, books and worked on recipes. Went to local Mexican and Indian Markets for research on ingredients. Met with local health food store owner and spoke about the 5XS menu for her store.
Emotional- Meditated and Dreamed lots. Crazy dreams about work and eating and drinking
Environmental- Looked at Garden Porn and got excited about the spring. Garden Porn= seed catalogs
Social – visited friends and neighbors and shop owners
Breakfast- Ginger peach frappe with turmeric, lemon and evoo
Snack- chicken thighs with Spanish smoked paprika and sprouts
Lunch- Leftover nicoise salad
Dinner- Pan-roasted saddle lamb chops, roasted green cauliflower
After dinner- Capriole goat cheese, apples and dates
Snack-air popped corn with olive oil and homemade garlic scape salt
Daily Blog Post for mytendwell
Woke up really early this morning and decided I needed a very light morning meal. Did a “Frappe” which is what I call a blender drink that doesn’t have added dairy and protein. They are light and fresh and really cleansing. I put together gifts of homemade goodies that we made from the garden this summer and fall. Opal basil salt, Purple basil vinaigrette with raspberries, Pork and Poultry Rub, Tarragon and Thai basil vinegars, Hot Chili Pepper sauce and other goodies.  Had a quick snack of a couple of cold chicken thighs that I had roasted with smoked Spanish paprika. I got to play Santa and deliver them to all our Columbus buddies. It was great to see everyone. I hadn’t been home since before the holidays. Felt wonderful to get hugs and kisses from all my friends. While I was out I stopped by a few of the local ethnic food markets to see what was new. One of the Mexican markets had a new ingredient I didn’t know.  Guaje is a pod that looks a lot like a mimosa pod, but a little bigger. I Googled it and found out that you can open the fresh pods and remove the seeds and use them pretty much like pumpkin seeds. There is even a special Mole sauce that calls for them. They can also be purchased dried and then used ground. They also had one of my favorite chilies. Manzana ; it looks like a golden/orange apple and is sweet and spice. I rarely see them fresh in America, but this store carries them from time to time. Met up with my friend who owns the local health food store and we are going to work on a special menu  for her shop that will be not only tasty and exciting, but vegan and gluten-free.
Rushed home and grabbed some leftover Nicoise salad for lunch. It seems like I always cook too much food. I guess that is what  happens when you are used to making large batches in a restaurant. But the leftovers are great, especially when you don’t use a lot of animal fats in your cooking. Animal fats usually harden when chilled, if you cook mostly with evoo, leftovers are great, even when cold! Chillaxed in the afternoon and watched the rest of OA on Netflix  and had some air-popped pop corn with garlic scape salt. The series was pretty good, a little sappy, but I liked the way they used storytelling as the way to move the plot along.
Dinner were some nice thick Saddle Lamb Chops with Steamed Green Cauliflower that I tossed in the drippings of the lamb with some garlic and rosemary. Simple and great. Mom asked for a little cheese….so you don’t say no to mother. 4 different Capriole Goat cheeses with sliced apple and a couple of Madjoule Dates.
As I do most days, I finished off with a little porn…..Garden porn that is!!!! I love looking at all the seed catalogs that come in this time of year!  Weird dreams tonight…dreams of past jobs, restaurants, food and drinks.

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