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Resetting buttons

January 7, 2017 – Dr. K’s post

Chef D refers to resetting buttons in his last post. Rebooting his effort and his focus on his journey to a healthy and balanced life. Not an easy task, for anyone, least of all a busy chef that has a very crazy schedule and always food around. Last year started off well, Chef had a very stable and balanced schedule, then late Spring hit, along with the events, seasonal garden work and that stable schedule wasn’t so stable. Thus Chef D’s workouts started dwindling and soon enough his schedule was wrecked. Bronchitis in the Fall and here we are, back at it. Fortunately, we’ve learned some things about Chef D, what he likes, what he doesn’t like. All of which is useful in designing a better program for him. Further, Chef has worked his schedule at Farm-bloomington ( ) to be a bit more conducive for a balanced life.

 biceps curls

Chef D working those muscles

So, as Chef D continues his MyTendWell journey, please join in and follow along. You can try the menus Chef D and I create for both Meals and Movement. Keep in mind, adherence to exercise/physical activity programs is 50% at best – the world is full of deterrents and barriers to both healthful diets and regular physical activity, however, one of the few things that increase adherence is Social Support. You may be familiar with this as the ‘buddy system’. That is, having a friend and partner to be your 1) accountability, 2) motivator 3)champion on a wellness journey. Thus, join us in supporting Chef D and try for yourself. Chef D and I will provide you quick tips and ideas for fitting wellness into your everyday life.


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