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Sunday, January 8, 2017 – Dr. K’s post

Chef D are I are both eager for Spring and those gardens the warm mid-west weather brings us. I have some new goals for my garden this year – beekeeping. Yes, I’m in the process of learning about keeping bees and harvesting honey. New challenges keep you motivated and keep you moving forward. Chef D has maintained his positive attitude and has been progressing. He’s lost weight and most importantly, he is doing some form of physical activity everyday. From walking the lake with his Mom to riding the stationary bike, he is working on improving his cardiovascular functioning. We all need to do this. Chef D is also getting in his strength and flexibility training and as with all my clients, he’s working on his neuromotor function, in lay terms, balance.

rotisseriefunkychicken  deadbug

Chef D working on internal rotation (of the shoulder) and core stability. Follow his progress…

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