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Sautéing off the Pounds

The MyTendWell Lifestyle Cookbook


Chef Daniel Orr

Dr. Kelly Baute

Sautéing Off The Pounds is a healthy lifestyle book for those obsessed with food, with a twist – it also covers exercise. Anyone who collects cookbooks, watches cooking shows or makes it a priority in life to dine in the newest, trendiest restaurants, but who, at the same time, struggles with the buttons, zippers and snaps in the morning when getting dressed for work on Monday. Chefs, who are obviously obsessed with food, will also love the book. Chefs eat, drink and sleep their cuisine 24/7 and must learn how to balance their pleasures and their pounds. People who love to eat, professional chefs, and amateur cooks will find the book educational, entertaining and inspirational. Sautéing Off The Pounds is a recording of a successful shift in lifestyle by one of America’s best chefs. It’s a fulfilling “recipe” for people interested in losing weight without losing out on one of life’s greatest pleasures. FOOD!!!!!!

Sautéing Off The Pounds was born in the Caribbean through a series of 20 articles written for The Anguillian, the national newspaper of Anguilla, and the island where Chef D cooked in 2004 and 2005. In “Eating My Words,” Orr’s Column, Chef D shared his adventures in dieting and healthy eating in the kitchens of CuisinArt Resort and Spa with the people of Anguilla. These articles make up the basis for the MyTendWell Lifestyle plan Chef D developed with Dr. Kelly Baute. Dr. K co-authored the Lifestyle Cookbook, contributing the health and “exercise” material to ensure it is the most up-to-date information and that the food plans and exercise program designs are a safe way of eating and moving. Dr. K has worked and lived the health and fitness industry for over 20 years. She received her Ph.D. in kinesiology (motor control and learning) and bio-anthropology (functional morphology) with an interest in the motor functioning of moving bodies. Specifically, Dr. K is interested in teaching people how to keep their bodies healthy and moving with ease and for function – that is for the tasks that your body has to perform in your activities-of-daily-living (ADL’s).

As you can see, this has been a long and winding road for Chef D to achieve his goal of a healthier lifestyle. There have been many roadblocks along the way. Opening a new business, the economy, family issues, life, death, personal challenges, outside pressures, you know, LIFE. Staying on track is one of the biggest issues with making long term lifestyle changes. Chef D and Dr. K understand this and show you ways to reach your goals, in healthy, positive and lifestyle changing ways.


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read an excerpt from the book:

Being enticed or tempted is a serious challenge and a deterrent to maintaining or sticking to a healthy behavior, whether it is your physical activity plan or your nutrition plan. Having accountability assists with keeping on track. Using the MyTendWell Lifestyle Log provides a place to track your behavior and share with someone. This will help you become accountable to yourself.

Look, adherence to physical activity, at best, is 50%. Further, in spite of all the developments – interventions and programs, facilities, equipment and products, no impact has been made on adherence to physical activity/exercise behavior since it was first tracked in the early 1900’s at Springfield College. That means only half sticks, the rest fall to the way-side. So as practitioners and researchers alike, we want to know why. Why do people stick? Why do people quit?

Well, this question brings us back to motivation and support.

Thus far, the best answers we have are as follows;

Why do people stick (adhere)?

  • Self-motivation
  • Social support
  • Goal setting

Why do people quit?

  • Time (perceived lack of time)
  • Access to facility/space (indoor/outdoor recreation area)
  • Lack of knowledge/instruction – poor education in health and wellness

MyTendWell considers these factors. MyTendWell programming requires that individuals set SMART Goals which have been thought through and have identified potential barriers. This is how I helped Chef D. He had to set SMART Goals, identify barriers, create a Toolbox, build his environment to support physical activity, and to log every day. There have been ups and downs, but Chef D has learned a lot about himself along the way. So, if you are wondering if Chef D is motivated to be physically active, the answer is yes. His favorite: Deep Water Exercise. His biggest struggle: Time