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Wellness is a holistic approach to living a healthy and happy life. Through the integration and balance of each of the dimensions, individuals move through a continuum toward optimal health and functioning. Importantly, wellness is more than just the absence of disease. Wellness is a positive state in which an individuals knowledge, attitude, perception, and skill of each dimension is critical in establishing the desired behavior for success as they move through the continuum in achieving optimal health and functioning. To learn more about wellness and research topics addressing health, nutrition and wellness, or to learn about each of the individual MyTendWell dimensions of wellness , click on that tab below.


As supplementation to their latest book, SautĂ©ing off the Pounds, The MyTendWell Lifestyle Cookbook, Chef D and Dr. K have created the MyTendWell Wellness Log and Journal. This log and journal allows you to track your physical activity behavior as well as your nutritional habits and therefore serves as a tool to assist you in learning about your wellness patterns. As you begin to live a MyTendWell lifestyle and learn new ways to move your body, and new ways to fix new foods, you will record this information in your MyTendWell Wellness Log and Journal and use as a reference to track how your behavior has changed. Importantly, you can also track progress as you move along the wellness continuum to optimal wellness. You can share your log with a friend, perhaps even a fellow MyTendWell “Bud”.

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