My Tend Well

Emotional Wellness consists of one’s attitudes and beliefs toward self and toward life. This includes having a positive and realistic self-concept, identity, and self-esteem. Emotional Wellness also pertains to the awareness and control of feelings and ones ability to act autonomously and to cope with stress as well as maintain fulfilling relationships with others.

Our species has experienced stress since the dawn of time. And now, in today’s world, just as in the past, stress raises it’s venomous head in many forms and circumstances – and it is just as poisonous to our bodies as the bite of some snakes. See the excerpt from Chef D and Dr. K’s new book, Sautéing Off the Pounds, The MyTendWell Lifestyle Cookbook:

Stress is bad for our bodies. Stress is stress, regardless of the trigger and the body has a response – Cortisol! Yes, you’ve heard of it. You’ve probably rubbed cortisol cream (hydrocortisone) on an itchy spot. Well, our bodies, to be specific, our adrenal glands, secrete glucocorticoids, in response to any stressful trigger or situation. There is some evidence suggesting that prolonged exposure to cortisol has negative consequences and may contribute to health problems such as increased storage of body fat, increased resistance to insulin and decrease in immune functioning leading to an increase in illness and disease.