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Environmental Wellness involves a balance between home and work life, and the reciprocal relationship between the individual and the environment (nature, community). Achieving Environmental Wellness necessitates that an individual evaluates the environment in which they live – work and play, and perhaps re-designing that environment to be more conducive and supportive of an active and healthy life. Individuals will need to assess their work environment to determine if the interface between the individual and the workstation (ergonomics) is ideal and not contributing to the development of musculoskeletal health issues.

Food for Thought:
Our environments provide our resources for living. We grow our foods – grains, fruits and vegetables as well as raise or harvest our meats and fish. Unfortunately not all food production, from harvest to table have sustainable methods. MyTendWell wants to help educate individuals of sustainable practices.
Food packaging is just one source of waste that piles up in our landfills each day. Items such as packaging materials, organic compounds and other recyclables like aluminum, mound up in landfills each year.
The U.S. population, about 5% of the world population, is the #1 trash producing country in the world, generating over 1600 pounds per person each year, equaling 40% of the world garbage. MyTendWell want to inform more individuals about better environmental practices.

Quick Tip:
Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.
Reduce: Buy fresh foods that aren’t packaged in boxes.
Reuse: Try your hand at home canning and preserve some of those seasonal treats. Canning vegetables in reusable Mason jars cuts down on the number of cans and bags we throw out. You are also canning those yummy, organic veggies you grew or bought from a local farmer/farm market.
Recycle: Find out what materials your community recycles and utilize to the best of your ability.

SAM_1042    chefdgarden

Some of Chef D and Dr. K’s preserved garden products: Chef D pickles and Dr. K’s canned applesauce, green beans and tomatoes and the last of the frozen corn.  Chef D in the garden.