My Tend Well

Knowledge is power. And stimulating yourself intellectually is an important part of total wellness. Learning new skills, reading and challenging yourself intellectually are all necessary to move along the wellness continuum. Therefore, seeking out opportunities to enhance intellectual wellness is something you should strive to do. MyTendWell assists you in finding ways to enhance intellectual wellness by providing resources and ways for you to challenge yourself. Keep in mind, enhancing intellectual wellness is enhancing cognitive functioning. Cognitive functioning is a big topic. Researchers are constantly looking for the answers to what improves or maintains cognitive function. Pleasingly, many investigations of cognitive functioning are demonstrating that, in addition to reading, playing cards and word/math games, physical activity also impacts cognitive function in a positive way. MyTendWell encourages you to work your cognitive functioning through mental and physical stimulation.

Chef D and Dr. K are avid readers and life-long learners. This year Dr. K is learning the skill of beekeeping, and Chef D is continuing to learn to grow mushrooms. See his Shitake ‘garden’ below.

photo  SAM_1041

Some of our current reading materials.

IMG_2314  IMG_2151

Chef D’s Shitake farm.