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Nutritional Wellness consists of current nutritional recommendations such as eating whole grains, lean proteins and a variety of fruits and vegetables per day. MyTendWell encourages individuals to follow US Dietary Guidelines ( ). In addition, MyTendWell encourages individuals to find best ways to eat well-grown foods. Many foods today are produced for the masses, using pesticides and herbicides and GMO’s, all of which have effects on foods and those eating these foods. Finding foods that are grown locally and organically reduces exposures to pesticides and herbicides. Buying local also supports local economies. Find a local farmers market, a food co-op, and of course try growing your own foods.

Food for Thought:
Buying groceries is one of our biggest expenses, with the average family spending between $150-$300 each week. Chef D and Dr. K provide some great tips for growing and preserving your own food to assist in lowering food expenses as well as knowing what you are eating. Keeping fresh foods fresh is not easy, Chef D and Dr. K provide some great tips for food freshness.

Quick Tip:
Chef D says to keep lettuces and greens crisp and garden-fresh by rinsing and draining when you bring them home. Place stems in water and keep in the refrigerator to keep fresh and crisp.

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Gardens provide fresh foods, lovely flowers to cut and share, and always a place for quiet and purpose. Plant a garden, start small and grow. Chef D and Dr. K will help.

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MyTendWell teaches about total wellness including nutritional wellness practices, such as eating fresh foods from resources that are environmentally sensitive, that is organically produced through sustainable and eco-conscious processes.