My Tend Well

Physical Wellness is the persistent and deliberate effort to achieve and maintain the optimum level of physical activity in addition to self-care. Achieving physical wellness consists of finding programs and activities that stimulate interest as well as address health-related concerns, such as low-back pain or cardiovascular functioning. Chef D and Dr. K encourage everyone to discuss their health with their physician prior to beginning an exercise program. Chef D and Dr. K also stress the importance of learning about your body and your health through Chef D and Dr. K’s MyTendWell Lifestyle program. MyTendWell provides information on functional and corrective exercise movements as well as encouraging individuals to seek out fun, recreational activities such as hiking, biking and kayaking.

Food for Thought:
If there is a magic pill that improves health, its physical activity. Physical activity and exercise provide benefit for many health concerns, from reduction of blood glucose levels which can contribute to the development diabetic disease [by the year 2050, 1 in 3 people with have type II diabetes], to enhancing general mood [one single-session of exercise has demonstrated improvement in mood].

Quick Tip:
Dr. K challenges you to invite you friends for a “Hike with those I Like”. Find a local park or wildlife refuge and pick a trail to spend time with friends and the outdoors. Keep your eyes peeled for wildlife and keep your posture in check and be sure to keep good footing. This one activity will address multiple MyTendWell dimensions: physical (hiking), social (friends), outdoors (environmental) to list a few. Be sure to post your outing on the MyTendWell Share Your Wellness Experiences blog. Have a splendid time.

hike  hike2

Great hiking day in January – high 60’s in Indiana!  What would cause such a warm winter day in the mid-west?