My Tend Well

Social Wellness is balancing and integrating self with friends and family as well as with other individuals we encounter in life such as co-workers and community members. Social wellness includes supporting and participating in community events. Chef D and Dr. K encourage individuals to find opportunities to enhance social wellness and provide ideas for you.

Food for Thought:
Positive social engagement is important for total wellness. Chef D and Dr. K want to encourage all to find ways to have positive interactions, find other positive people and do positive things, maybe something for a friend or neighbor that needs you.

Quick Tip:
During the winter season many people are in need of a coat, gloves and a hat. Ask your friends, family and co-workers to collect any good condition coats, gloves or hats (etc.) to donate to a local shelter or Goods Bank (like a food bank, but with all items needed). You be helping others and bringing awareness of the needs of your community members to yourself and others and demonstrating the power of a positive social action. Share Wellness!