My Tend Well

Book a Wellness Retreats with Chef D and Dr. K

Need some down time? Perhaps a weekend away with friends? Book a stay with Chef D and Dr. K at Chef D’s family farm, The Kolb Homestead, located in scenic Gibson County, Indiana. Wake to the breathtaking sunrise over the Kolb barn and enjoy while you linger over a breakfast made for you by Chef D. Next, it’s a fun and purposeful movement with Dr. K. Perhaps a hike with strength and flexibility moves built-in to help you learn about your motor patterns and postural behavior. Later, create your own potted herb garden to take home to enjoy the beauty as well as the tasty additions the herbs with bring to your home-cooked creations your learned from Chef D. It’s your weekend, you design it.

SAM_0531  SAM_0533

Lunch at Kolb Homestead with (Mama) Mary Lu Kolb Orr.

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Indoor and outdoor movement programs at Kolb Homestead.

7 grain cerial wth fresh fruit   Fresh Fruit wth Yogurt, Almonds, Minted Green Tea, Meyer Lemon and Agave  DSC_4389  cookingvideospic

Breakfast, snack and dinner at a MyTendWell Wellness Excursion at Kolb Homestead made for you by Chef D.

To book a weekend or overnight Wellness Excursion with Chef D and Dr. K, contact them at MyTendWell. Hurry, an excursion awaits you.